No costly surgery for coronary heart disease is significantly less food!

Heart disease. doctor drink and drugs, but no less important. Nu doctors recommend surgery to make an appointment by said. These friends will get lucky.

Facebook on the food that you want to operate on. Desire a good, because there is no alternative, reliable .


But friends do not want surgery if surgery will cost hundreds of the above (10) due to the condition of the employee’s salary, will be no easy place. I wish fulfilled.

No longer need surgery. Go to lower coronary heart disease significantly. The food (1) cup of green tea metal plate (1), (2), garlic and a cup of tea metal plate (1) through (3) liquid dish tea cup (1), (4) apple vinegar plate (1) cup of tea in the cup (4). (3) (2 cups) The rest must be boiled cup.


(3) the rest of the cups (2) cups of tea cup bowl (3) pure honey and turmeric powder dick stirring, add one (1) must be an overnight curing. Drink dining spoon 1 tablespoon per day.


Vinegar purchased from your system. The food at Astronomer rays Maung Aye Kyu (of the economy) has been extracted from heart disease in patients.

Apple vinegar

Less coronary heart disease was almost certainly offer further heart.



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