Your environment, so mosquitoes This natural alternative to three (3) devotes one

Many mosquitoes and mosquito places you never feel bad, as well as serves as a disturbing Health is also very damaging. So in your home and shops that can make absolutely no mosquitoes there are children. These tricks are damaging the health of natural tricks so completely, To homes, trying to combat mosquitoes You need to know your tricks. If you read others the handover to a target.

1,coffee powder


Add the coffee powder bowl and mosquitoes sense the open lid of the time. Mosquitoes are longer, where the smell of coffee. For those who like the smell of coffee, this method is very convenient.

2, Scents

Your favorite fragrance oil (Rose, Lavender, Jasmine), you sprinkle the water is mixed with a mosquito favorite places, you will not be measured. This is because the mosquitoes are fragrance like.

3, apple vinegar

Apple vinegar and water mixture, add it with sprinkles of places where mosquitoes will not be measured.

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